Oral Surgery

I had two of my wisdom teeth removed the day before yesterday.  I spent most of the day yesterday recovering, and working on an upcoming poster presentation.  And coming out of the meds which left me a bit anxious and restless.

In truth, the extraction was not the worst part.  The numbing was.  Allergic to the anesthetic gel, I had to skip these before the injections.  The injection on the inside of the teeth, the side near my throat, became puffy with the fluid.  As someone with severe food allergies, this felt like what an allergic reaction might feel like.  Even reassurance from the nurse didn’t squelch the tears that were welling up as I grew more frightened.

Thankfully, I calmed down (with the help of said nurse and my mother) and the rest of the procedure went smoothly!  I had a very productive day yesterday, but am having a rough time today after having another restless night.

Some days, we just feel more like caterpillars than butterflies.  Some days, it’s about having that hope, even knowing we feel so far from it in the moment.

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