I-CON 30

So while it seems a ways away now (what with oral surgery and spring break intervening!), I had a BLAST at I-CON last weekend.

While I can’t talk about everything in just a short post, I encourage you to GO if you have the opportunity.  Really.  Make a point of it next year.  You won’t be sorry.

Friday night I got to see my first-ever performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  It was performed by shadowcast, The Unconventional Conventionalists (http://www.facebook.com/TheUnconventionalConventionalists).  So Much Fun!! I’ll admit I was a Rocky virgin prior to this night.  I now can’t wait to Time Warp again.

Friday AND Saturday I spent sessions with FALO (the Fantasy and Legends Organization~ http://www.fantasyandlegends.com/).  I originally went on Friday to see a discussion on “Femme Fatales”/women in folklore.  When I got there, I was surprised to see three men running the discussion, although they quickly explained there was a schedule change, and I had just entered a discussion on Good and Evil.  I was excited just the same and enjoyed an hour of philosophy and debate on not only the nature of good and evil, but the existence of it in the world.  Even after staying up late for Rocky, I made sure to wake up early enough to catch the (rescheduled) Femme Fatales talk Saturday morning.  I was NOT disappointed.  And, assuming I attend I-CON again, I’m looking forward to trying FALO’S “How to Make a Bodice” instructions (http://www.fantasyandlegends.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=236:how-to-make-a-bodice&catid=71:general-crafts&Itemid=441).  These women (and men) had the most fabulous costumes.  Being in the room with them was food for my soul– in both aesthetics and intellect.

I also got to sit in on a voice-actor’s panel and a Sci-fi author’s panel.  And easily in my top 3 (next to FALO and Rocky), was the Dealer’s Room.  While I couldn’t rationalize getting a gorgeous handmade corset or something Steampunk, I did pick myself up a mysterious key necklace from Kuriouser & Kuriouser (studiohibernacula.com– I’m only sorry she doesn’t have these listed on her etsy site right now, but check out her “sold” section for an idea of her work!).  I debated between three necklaces and already wish I’d bought a second one (I’ll post a pic soon).

I also picked up a complete collection of Edgar Allen Poe’s works for $20, which was nicely bound and irresistable for the price.  My last purchase of the weekend, though, has been far more entertaining so far– a t-shirt from Red Tie Products’ “Grammar Matters” (http://www.redtieproducts.com/).  If you like language games or words, you should check them out.  They are nerdy in all the right ways.  (I’ll try to post a pic of this soon too).

moral of the story: Go to I-CON.  (And look for me.  I’ll be dressing up next year, for sure!)


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