Auditions and Job-Searching

I’m graduating in May.  With a BA in Linguistics and a music minor.  Since Grad School did not work out as planned, my professor dreams are put on hold while I pound the pavement as a performing artist!

I’ve forgotten how hard looking for a job is, having been gainfully employed for the past year-and-three-months.  (My job is a campus job, thus leaving me unemployed upon graduation… insert sad face here).

I’m also shocked at how different looking for artsy jobs is!  Auditioning vs. Interviews.  And I’m just giving my best shot as to how to write a cover letter/email when responding to a performing gig.

So far, I have submitted 2 emailed resumes/headshots and am going on my second audition this week.  I’m also looking into the possibility of a) keeping my job somehow and b) getting some experience as a research assistant.  But no matter what the next few months hold, I’ll be working on staying active and staying creative.  My biggest goal: avoid soul-killing jobs! (You know the kind– repetitive and airless.  Although, let’s face it, sometimes, ya just gotta pay the bills!).


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