I had the amazing opportunity on Wednesday to present my work at the URECA Celebration.  (URECA = Undergraduate Research and Creative Acts).  I spent the entire day talking about the research/creative project that I have been involved in for almost a full year now.  It was an amazing opportunity to network, talk, learn, and teach.

The day started with my presenting my research in one of my classes, followed by my heading to the event where I was there to give poster presentations for hours upon end, and even collect some last-minute data in a brief interactive experiment.

Posters included a psychological experiment on unrequited love, an eco-friendly housing design (included showering with rain water and not having a fridge… I’m eco-friendly, but I’m not ready to go there yet), lyrical poetry and more analytical prose in response to The Iliad, a discussion-experiment on the boundary between the ideas “this” and “that” (in several languages), a “gap minder” (train commuters may appreciate this one), a solar-powered boat, a contraption that scares away geese with a green laser, and a wheel chair that can climb up a curb.  And the enthusiasm and passion everyone had for their projects was simply amazing.

While I had been nervous about presenting– and I had been– I was actually sad when the day ended and I had to pack up my poster and leave.  What a thrilling day– and a great way to remind myself of what I want and where I want to go.  The flow of ideas washing over me is such a refreshing feeling.  I refuse to grow stale.

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