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Thank you! (and a realization)

So while I didn’t think for a second that yesterday would actually be the rapture/end of the world, it occurred to me that I’m glad it wasn’t as I spent part of my day getting my legs waxed.  It seems like a terrible waste if my last day on earth would be spent paying someone to rip my body hair out by its roots.

With that picture in your mind, I want to thank you for reading.  First, because you’re still reading.  Secondly, because with your help I have recently past over 20 readers in a day! This helped bring my total number of readers up above 200!

Many thanks and please consider commenting– whether you like or hate what I have to say!  I’d love to hear.  I know you’re out there!!


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May 21st = End of the world?

As a Christian, I would like random sects of Christianity to stop saying stupid things.

I’m tired of looking foolish– because I’m somehow associated with people who can’t seem to stop pounding their Bible long enough to read it. (1 Thessalonians 5:2 “For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”)

I wonder why some people seem to get this treatment and others don’t.  Granted, (some) Christians like doing crazy things and attract this negative attention for all of us.  Thanks a lot.

Other groups, however, seem to get away with things.  While Christians get blamed for the Crusades, Atheists don’t seem to get reminded of Stalin’s reign… Somehow, it is politically correct to be prejudiced against Christians.

Although, I will mention, that I imagine Muslims feel our pain as in our post-9/11 world Muslims have been targeted due to their own extremist sects.  I was in public school for 9/11.  The next day a Muslim boy came to school wearing an American flag t-shirt.  My mom noticed this because she had dropped me off to school.  She had commented, “look at him.  It’s like he’s saying he’s an American.  That he’s not one of those people.”  She was right.

It’s interesting the groups we find ourselves a part of.  And every group has its extremists:  liberals, conservatives, Christians, Muslims, atheists, breast-feeders, vegetarians, and the list goes on.  Let’s not judge everyone by the extremists in their group.  Let’s see what happens to the world when we judge each person only by their own actions and words.

The world might be a better place.

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Packing up, moving out.

In the past week, I have given my presentation of my thesis, which went well.  I’ve also managed to start organizing my room for my return home (yay!), work 27 hours in the past 3 days, tutor/help some students of whom I was their TA this semester, and got myself addicted to Plants vs. Zombies.  (You can play at although I recommend downloading the full version!).  Finally, tonight I began packing up the past two semesters’ worth of things that occupy my dorm room.

This amounts to primarily books and clothes.  Although food will probably be a close third (I plan to pack food last– because God knows how much I can eat in the next few days!).  The empty shelves and drawers look sad to me.  I’m moving on– and ahead– but there’s still something being left here.  Youth and community.

A few months ago, I had begun a mental list of all the things I would not miss about being away at school.  This is part of how I make myself feel better about leaving, graduating.  I will not miss people screaming in the courtyard late at night.  I will not miss bathrooms full of hair or unflushed toilets.  I will not miss stairwells that smell like beer.  Or rugs too dirty to walk on barefoot.  Or the necessity of wearing flip flops in the shower.  I will enjoy an almost permanently clean kitchen and bathroom.  I will get to cook and do my laundry as I wish and when I wish.  Everything will be safe for my allergies.  No one will eat peanut butter.

But there are things I will miss: I like having a fridge in my room.  And a chair.  And having people over whenever I like or going out whenever I like.  And having rehearsal 2-3 times a week.  And performing.  And taking the shuttle instead of driving when I need to go somewhere.  And having one of my suitemates knock on my door and call me out for a movie or boardgames.

Endings and Beginnings tend to come together.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” –proverb

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“Leap, and the net will appear”


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Food Allergy Awareness Week: Your turn.

In order to keep celebrating and raising awareness for Food Allergy Awareness Week, I’d love you to vote in my poll!

Thanks in advance!

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Food Allergy Awareness Week

I am convinced that no one leads more creative lives than the allergic.


Ask any mom faced with cake-baking without eggs (or milk, or wheat flour!).  Ask any girl who needs to accessorize with a bag that can fit her epi-pen.  Ask the parents, teachers, and school administrators who try to keep our children safe from (potentially fatal) allergens.  Ask any boy or girl who needs to explain to their new date how to keep them safe when kissing them by avoiding allergic foods.

I’m almost convinced that food allergies are starting to develop a culture all their own.  Cultures have food, art, and traditions.
The food-allergic have “nut free” and “gluten free” products, books like those about “Alexander the Allergic Elephant” and music by Kyle Dine, and things they share in common like reading food labels and developing close relationships with their local restaurants.

In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, here’s some links I hope you’ll find helpful or fun– whether you have food allergies, know someone who does, or not!  Lots of info on awareness, research, and practical tips.  Just found her a few weeks ago– her facebook updates are great as well! Amazing Nut Free Chocolate!  Worth a try even if you don’t have allergies– there’s never a bad reason to eat chocolate anyway (Whole Foods often carries their chocolate bars– but there’s so much more online, including holiday candy and jelly beans!)  Music about food allergies!! Great activist.  Goodies free of all 8 top food allergens! (I like their Boom-Choco-Boom bars! I find them in Shoprite and Whole Foods as well as online). While I haven’t tried them yet, I’m looking forward to it! Chocolate, baked goods, candy, and popcorn!

Finally, .  Just saw this on the Nut-Free Mom’s blog.  Looks like one-stop shopping for safe goodies!

Enjoy!  And feel free to comment if you have questions or comments about the topic of food allergies– or a site, tips, or safe food to share!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

So forgive my brief absence– last week of classes and I am finishing my honors thesis. I am currently sitting at 28 pages with a 30 page minimum. I have yet to completely make my point…. I’m thinking 35 pages should do it.

That said, I did want to take a brief moment and thank all the Mothers out there who may be reading.

I truly believe that Motherhood is the most creative job. Ever.

When I was little, I remember wanting to do and be everything. I remember making a list of all the vocations I would like. Doctor. Teacher. Cook. The list was on construction paper and written in marker. It filled the entire page– with two columns of messy-handwriting vocations in somewhat small writing. I must have been around first grade-aged.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I didn’t really want to be all those things as jobs. But I wanted to do them all. And some I have gotten to get a taste of already. But I realize that there is one vocation in which a person gets to do all of these things– and that is a parent. I would specify Moms, but I know there’s a lot of amazing hands-on Dads out there too– and this blog fits you just as well so I won’t exclude you. There are too many parents out there being both Mommy and Daddy nowadays for me to specify– even on a holiday like today.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the rockin’ moms out there– and you Daddys who do double-duty too! The creativity you use– and instill in your children– is awe-inspiring.

I'm So Crafty, I Make People! from Mutha Crafter

(click image to go to Mutha Crafter’s facebook/etsy site!)

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