Happy Mother’s Day!

So forgive my brief absence– last week of classes and I am finishing my honors thesis. I am currently sitting at 28 pages with a 30 page minimum. I have yet to completely make my point…. I’m thinking 35 pages should do it.

That said, I did want to take a brief moment and thank all the Mothers out there who may be reading.

I truly believe that Motherhood is the most creative job. Ever.

When I was little, I remember wanting to do and be everything. I remember making a list of all the vocations I would like. Doctor. Teacher. Cook. The list was on construction paper and written in marker. It filled the entire page– with two columns of messy-handwriting vocations in somewhat small writing. I must have been around first grade-aged.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I didn’t really want to be all those things as jobs. But I wanted to do them all. And some I have gotten to get a taste of already. But I realize that there is one vocation in which a person gets to do all of these things– and that is a parent. I would specify Moms, but I know there’s a lot of amazing hands-on Dads out there too– and this blog fits you just as well so I won’t exclude you. There are too many parents out there being both Mommy and Daddy nowadays for me to specify– even on a holiday like today.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the rockin’ moms out there– and you Daddys who do double-duty too! The creativity you use– and instill in your children– is awe-inspiring.

I'm So Crafty, I Make People! from Mutha Crafter

(click image to go to Mutha Crafter’s facebook/etsy site!)


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