A woman’s strength

A woman’s strength.

This awesome woman liked my blog a couple of posts back.  I read this post after she did and am hoping to read more of her because this resonated so strongly with me.

This is for authors, friends, women, and anyone who loves them.



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2 responses to “A woman’s strength

  1. Whoa.

    I just wrote a really exhausting, heart-wrenching entry I’m going to post Wednesday. It was important to write or I’d have skipped doing so altogether, but . . . oh, it took the wind out of me!

    Seeing your words here lifted my spirits. Thank you so much, both for the kind words and the reminder that all these words we share really do help both connect us and make us stronger.

    • I’m so glad my words encouraged you! Writing takes such courage at times, especially when it’s such a personal story, but I’m so glad that you chose to face that fear head on and write anyway. Your writing is incredibly inspiring and I’m so glad you found me on here! (I just read your post from yesterday, and while I’m sure it was exhausting to write– I’m sure it was not in vain).

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