Pesky Meddling Girls

While on my stationery bike this morning, I reached over to my bookshelf and picked up a book that I read a long time ago.  This is Jennifur Brandt’s “Life is a Movie Starring YOU: Pesky Meddling Girls’ Guide to Living Your Dreams.”  This has been one of my favorite books for some time as it changed the heart of the young middle school girl I was when I received it for Christmas one year.

Jennifur’s infectious happiness and sense of style in this book always seemed to jump through the pages when I picked it up, and reading it truly made me feel as though I knew her– a good friend who was into creative ideas, music, and old movies– like I was.

While I still haven’t watched all the movies or listened to all the music she suggests (ranging from Auntie Mame to Clueless to Pretty in Pink and Cyndi Lauper to The Beatles to the Go-Go’s).  She also was a major role model with advice on everything from liking who you are, cleaning (and decorating) your room, what to wear and how to take care of your skin– but not in the preachy way that most magazines/media do so.  Instead, Life is a Movie Starring YOU always read as a cool older sister’s advice.  I still, when on first dates, remember to throw some extra cash in my purse, ie, “Mad Money” (needed “just in case he makes you steamin’ MAD and you have to call a cab, or if he doesn’t offer to pay for anything…$10 to $20 will suffice (depending on whether you get mad before or after you buy your own movie ticket)” –pg. 104).

I reread the first few pages today, and couldn’t help wondering what J.B. was up to.  (I know she had a new book come out a year or so ago– “Vintage L.A.”).  Here’s what I found: Jennifur’s blog.

I’m still in love with her and her pesky, vintage style!


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