The Practical and the Creative.

So while I’d like to think it can be, all life will not be creative.

We can try.  We can sing in the shower.  We can recognize that some chores (like cooking) are really creative acts.  But some will not be.

That said, we can all work a bit of creativity into our day.  Even just five minutes.  Maybe we’ll need to mulititask.  But we can sing in the shower.  Or garden.  Or add a new spice to that favorite old dish.  Or say a short prayer- maybe for help, maybe of gratitude.

Yesterday, my errand-running day included paying bills and driving around to pick up a few things and make a few returns.  But while walking into the store, I took the time to notice how nice the tomato plants looked outside (and make a mental note to go back and buy some later in the week).  I stopped by and bought a pair of ballet slippers for my dance class (which I got at a discount!).  I visited my grandparents.  I’m heading outside now to weed a bit in this lovely patch which I hope will yield red peppers and tomatoes for me later this summer.

We’re all busy.  Constantly.  But let’s take time to attend to our souls.  Make it official.  Add it to your to do list.  Right on top.


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