So in my last post, I described how I went to go buy plants with my friend, molecular sheep.  This is my first real foray into gardening.

I had, as a child, tried to plant things (like apple seeds from apples I’d eaten) into a dry little patch of dirt on the side of my grandparent’s house.  Nothing grew there, except for weeds, although I’m pretty sure I still referred to it, at least in my mind, as my garden.

I’ve never been much of a nature girl.  (I did go through an extreme science-y phase around 3rd-5th grade during which I’d go look for worms or slugs/snails in the backyard– but since this, I’ll go out of my way to avoid a bug, even refusing to eat outside at times when I was in middle school).  That said, Mom isn’t sure where this is coming from– my Italian roots, ie, her side (my grandparents always had tomato plants and herbs growing in the backyard) or my dad’s mother, who grew up on a Michigan farm.

In any case, when I got home, I planted the corn and tomatoes in the patch I’d weeded the day before.  I couldn’t lift the huge bag of peat moss I’d bought (thanks to molecular sheep for carrying it for me into my car!), so I took a 16oz plastic cup and started making trips from my car to the patch of soil and back and forth.  Realizing this would take forever– as the package suggested covering the soil with a 2-inch layer of peat moss before working it in– I remembered I had shallow box left over after dad’s birthday gift came.  I filled the box a few times to transport the peat moss and this worked much better.

After I had a nice layer on top, I worked it into the soil, breaking up the soil as far down as I could reach (about the recommended 6″) and mixed and raked until I had a nice even color.  I wet it a bit and then planted.  First, the corn, then the tomatoes.  The little flat of corn turned out to have four small plants which I planted in a square.  Then I put the tomatoes next to them (although I’ve since read this was a bad idea– but truthfully, it’s a very small patch and I’m not sure an extra foot and intervening peppers would really make much difference).  I watered them nicely and made sure to water them yesterday carefully again– especially with this scorching 90+ degree heat we’ve been having!

They look mostly happy.  Dad’s coming over this weekend to help me plant the blueberries (when the weather cools down again out of the 90s).  I still need to buy the red pepper plants.  Hopefully this weekend, if not, then Tuesday.

I think this must be what it feels like to be a new parent.  I worry about how much water they’re getting.  And if they might get too much sun.  Today I went out to water and found that two of my corn plants have a bit of red on the stems near the bottom.  I’ve googled this and all I’ve come up with is a potential sulfur deficiency– which I am now trying to figure out how to solve.  I am far more invested in these plants than I even expected, I think.

I think I really like gardening, though.  I hope something grows this time around since my appleseed days…



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3 responses to “Planting

  1. I used to help my mom weed her garden, but the only time I’ve really worked on a garden myself was in my last apartment in Japan. It had a small garden–probably no bigger than 10×8–right out back, which the prior teachers had used to bury the junk they didn’t want to dispose of via proper channels. My first couple of weeks working on the garden were just extracting all that junk. After that, it got fun! I’m glad to be back in L.A., but I do miss my garden . . .

    My last place in Eugene had a front yard, back yard and three bedrooms plus ample living and dining room space. All of that for $850, whereas here? Heh. But I accept the trade-offs, especially if I get to read about other folks’ adventures in gardening 🙂

    • It’s so cool that you lived in Japan– what brought you there, if I might ask? I’ve never left the U.S., although I can’t complain much because I’m about an hour away from city, country, and everything in between. I’d love to visit a whole bunch of places and travel a bit, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. I therefore live vicariously through those I know have packed up and had a bit of an adventure!

      I missed the opportunity on closet-cleaning day, and this weekend’s been rainy, but come this week I’m planning on getting a picture or two of my mini-garden up here, too! I’ll try to help keep your gardening appetite satisfied 🙂

      • I was nearing the end of law school and realizing I had no desire whatsoever to practice law. I wanted to travel and needed money, so I figured I’d teach English abroad. I wanted to teach English in Thailand, originally, but the rate of pay wasn’t great for someone with a bunch of law school debt! I ended up in Japan, which ended up being absolutely the perfect place for me to be. 🙂

        I look forward to the pictures! I’m having a hard time keeping up right now, but . . . I will delight in them when I see them. *cheer*

        Happy evening!

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