A twist on the traditional Taco Pie!

Yesterday turned into a rainy-day picnic for me and molecularsheep.  Some packed goodies (crackers, a roll, some champagne– ok, it was really sparkling cider) plus a target run to get some more goodies (a variety of cheeses, a second kind of cracker, squeezable applesauce) turned into a feast on his front lawn as we hid from the constant mist of rain under a huge pine tree.

I went home to eat again (which was a mistake–eyes totally bigger than stomach here).  Mom had made pasta with meat the way we love it– then added honey as a topper and, somehow, it was made even better as the sweet honey combined with the spices of the sauciness underneath.

Today, I am thinking about food (as I still have a cheese in the fridge to taste for the first time)… Which naturally brings me to my best friend’s food blog!

The Friendly Foodie Girl‘s most recent post is actually about one of my mom’s recipes and her awesome spin on it (which I hope to try!)!

But she’s good all on her own, so don’t think I’m blogging bout her just because she used my mom as inspiration!  My childhood friend has grown up to be renowned amongst all her friends and family for being an AMAZING cook.  I suggest checking out– and trying out– as many of her recipes as you can!

In her words (and linking again, because, I mean it!), “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!”

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