So just a quick post before I head off to bed.

I went back to dance class today after taking last week off due to my car mishap and some queasy stomach issues (I think due to last week’s heat wave).  The class actually went well as, in my teacher’s words, we worked on a lot of adagio or slow movements.  I think she’s going up-tempo for Thursday but I’ll worry about it when it comes.

We also worked on some floor/partnering work.  Mostly just walking across the floor (in very grand and stylized fashion!).  For the most part, my partner Joe and I did a very nice job of staying in step with one another.  Considering he is a football player and about a head and a half taller than me, I was impressed.  I definitely figured his steps would be about double mine, but I must say we looked very ballet like and I was proud.  We got a little messy towards the end, but I must say I overworked my muscles a bit today and our teacher pushed us a little harder which had my muscles feeling a bit weaker at the end and resulted in worse balance and coordination for me as class ended.  After class, my hip started hurting right in the front of the socket.  I think I just pulled something.  Hopefully a good night’s sleep will take care of it.

After school, I stopped by the supermarket to FINALLY pick up my red pepper plants.  I’m something of a red pepper fanatic.  It took some searching as I’d originally seen the plants almost 2 weeks ago now, but I found two that looked sincere so I brought them home.  Although it started to drizzle as soon as I went outside, I got them in the ground and hopefully they grow just as nicely as everything else is.

I still want a nice, sunny day so I can take some pics to post here.  Although when I came home to plant the peppers, I noticed that the weeds are just starting to show their ugly heads so I’ll probably try to weed before I post.  I really do throw myself into whatever I pursue though– mom, who sleeps in the next room, mentioned that I was talking in my sleep saying “plants, the plants…”  I remember this actually, and that I was trying to say something important although I have no idea what.

Dad also came over to help me dig a hole for my blueberry plant!  Although I’m concerned because I now have a big hole and now that I’ve opened the plant, it’s rather small… But while he was over I joked that I’m so happy about how nicely everything’s growing.  The corn has really grown already and I said I wished I’d made a height chart for them like they were kids to mark how they’ve grown.  When I mentioned wanting pictures for my blog here, I said that I felt bad that they’ve already grown and I’ve missed their “baby phase.”  I may be a bit obsessed :-p

Spent the rest of the night hanging with mom and watching “Storage Wars” on tv.  Definitely a good night.  Time for bed.

Happy dancing, gardening, writing, and creating to all those reading.  But don’t forget to sleep 🙂



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4 responses to “Zzzzz…

  1. I’m so happy that you are enjoying your dance class!
    You’re growing veggies!!! That’s amazing.
    We were going to start a garden down here, but we never got around to it, and now it’s REALLY hot.
    I would SO love to have my own fresh herbs growing, so I might put them in pots and grown them in- house.
    It’s completely ok to get attached to your plants, not everyone can keep a garden growing!
    You should be proud of yourself and proud of them, I am!
    Yes, do take some pictures! I would love to see them!

    • Thank you!! 🙂
      Yes- I’m definitely enjoying dance. I think I’m actually improving too– maybe?

      I hope things continue going well and I get to eat something from my garden. I would really love that! I would have never pictured myself doing this! (I also have never had the greenest thumb… the only plant I kept for any long period of time was a cactus, which, come to think of, I was also rather attached to. Her name was Clementine. She eventually got root rot :-\ ). Everything’s growing so nice and tall. I’m like a proud mama, haha. Although we got a bad storm last night and I came out to two of my corn plants leaning precariously… I managed to fix them, but one of them might have been damaged. It’s hard to tell right now.

      Weeding should happen this weekend– and then pictures!! I’ve been talking about it long enough!

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