Go get your head examined!

So apparently, the closet drama was just late this year.

As I tend to neglect cleaning my room, every year or so I tend to tear things apart (with mom’s help) and give things a good cleaning, sprucing up, and reorganizing.  It usually takes a day or two.

On day 2 of what turned out to be a three day project this year(!), Mom was helping dust something underneath a hanging cabinet/picture frame I have.  When she went to get up, she bunked her head, which dislodged the cabinet from its hook and caused it to come down on her head!  There was no blood or passing out, but it definitely left a lump and hurt her a whole lot.  We were scared and, as I know the cabinet is kinda heavy (although I haven’t picked it up since I hung it– empty at the time– years ago), I was afraid it weighed around 50 lbs.  We weighed it, in our insane scamper to make ourselves feel that this was less serious (which amounted to weighing me, then weighing me holding the cabinet and subtracting…).  Thankfully, it was much less serious as the cabinet was only about 15 lbs, but still very scary and after ice and continued headache we finally stopped our cleaning to go to the hospital.  They quickly determined that no major tests were needed and she did not have a concussion, although the doctor said to continue ice and that “it’ll hurt worse tomorrow,” which it did.

Definitely an unexpected turn of events, but she is doing much better today (this happened Wednesday).  My room is finally clean, which kept me off the computer yesterday as my room was emptied and then refilled.  Today has me moving and arranging– deciding where my videos are going, putting away scarves, making rooms for all my nerdy computer accessories, wires, and cables.

I’m trying to reimagine this room as I reorganize.  To picture the furniture different.  I swapped my desk and file cabinet for the night.  I figure I’ll live with it for a few days and see if I like it.  This corner also holds my TV as this seems to be the best configuration with the outlets and cable…

Again, I can’t help but think that creativity is practical.  What once fit in a box now overflows and needs a new solution.  Creativity in how we organize is important.  I have learned that if things are piled in certain ways– if it’s too much work– I won’t use things and when I really need them, I then won’t put them away.  Keeping things accessible makes my world easier– and neater.  Using boxes helps keep things dust-free.  Keeping things near where they will be used also makes life easier and efficient.  Pulling my stationery bike out of the corner might make me exercise more often– and stop using it as a coat rack.

Maybe 🙂


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