Baking instead of baking?

Happy First Day of Summer!

I’m a sucker for a good recipe.  Really.  And I like things that don’t take a lot of work (although I have a list of multi-step and difficult technique recipes I’m dying to try).  I like things that don’t take work because it means I’ll try them sooner.  Thus why the difficult list is so long…

I came across this today, for those who think it is too hot to bake!

No-Bake Cookie recipe! (you might have to scroll down, the recipe is down the page a bit)

Now, clearly, I’d go for leaving out the (optional) nuts.  And while the recipe calls for peanut butter, I’m sure the peanut allergic (like me) can use a substitute like Sunbutter or Soynut butter.  There’s also a comment on the recipe about a similar no-bake cookie recipe that does not include peanut butter!

Now, I can’t review the recipe, because I haven’t tried it.  But I couldn’t help but think this is incredibly creative and therefore I had to share.  Do you have a great no-bake, easy, or go-to recipe (maybe for a hot summer night– or afternoon)?  I’d love to hear.

(I have a great Microwave Chocolate Cake recipe… I’ll think about sharing it 😉  I really don’t mind sharing recipes actually, so it’s more about me remembering! 🙂


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