An Airbag of Angels

Pulling into the supermarket parking lot yesterday, the thought flashed through my mind that I’m worried that my car will be destroyed by the end of this summer.  People have been driving so crazy.

My mini fender bender was just two short weeks ago.  A few days after this, the car next door was hit in the middle of the night by a drunk driver.  The road I live on curves and, apparently, the driver was too fast, came around the curve and slammed into the first parked car that was there, managed to keep going (up on the curve) and then drive back into the street.  He stopped and, thanks to another neighbor, was caught and arrested– but one of the neighbors said that he was just inches from my car– which was also clear from the dirt marks still fresh on the road the next morning.  I was thankful that God not only allowed me to make it unscathed from my own mistake, but also protected my car from unseen, middle-of-the-night danger.

Yesterday, I was about two minutes from home when I approached a yellow light.  I was at that speed where you could possibly stop, but can probably more easily go– and as I could tell I had plenty of time to make my turn, I opted to do this as opposed to slamming on my brakes.  With left-turn signal on, I started turning into the intersection.  As I started to turn, I see a car coming around my left!  I partially stopped in shock, but not before the car hit my own (front driver’s side).  I pulled over, not realizing that I was now on the wrong side of the road because I missed my turn.  The other driver pulled over, although much further up ahead– hesitated a bit– and then pulled away!!  I am left with only scratches and scuffs on the car, it seems.  But I was pretty darn mad!  I can understand the urge to blow through the yellow light before it turns red– but not when there’s someone in front of you– and much less when you’re coming around my left when that’s the direction I’m turning towards.  And second, that you then wouldn’t even stop?! Not cool.

My mother always prays that there would be “an airbag of angels” surrounding my car.  Well done, angels.  Three times in three weeks, well done.

That said, there are some areas of life where creativity is not encouraged.  I’d appreciate if people drove a bit LESS creatively.



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5 responses to “An Airbag of Angels

  1. I actually got hit again the Friday before last on my way out of my work parking lot. I saw that I was about to be rear-ended by a work truck that didn’t see me, but I didn’t have anywhere I could go because the traffic in the lane to my right continued flying by. I knew I was going to be hit from one way or another–just not which one. When my Little was here last weekend, she mentioned she’d been hit three times in a one-month period. (The first was most severe; the latter two were rear-endings while she was stopped at a red light.) I, too, wish people would stop driving quite so creatively–and that they’d also step up to the consequences of their “creative driving” in the rare instance such occurred! Glad you’re safe, and hope this is your three for a long, long while.

    • Thanks! I hope so too. My neck is a bit better each day– now to deal with the car this week! Hope you (and your car) are doing well after getting hit also. I was talking the other day with someone– we’re both in our mid twenties and even in the relatively short time we’ve been driving, we feel like we’ve seen a substantial difference in how people drive– a change for the worse!

      I was also surprised how much it bothered me that the person drove off– I mean, it’s wrong, but the feeling of powerlessness and frustration at the lack of accountability actually surprised me. Hopefully I’ll be putting this behind me very soon.

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