Happy 4th and Happy July!

Hello WordPress!  And hello readers!

I hope anyone who’s stopped by in the past couple days can forgive my absence– on the assumption that most of you would be out and about at barbecues and seeing fireworks, I took a few days off from writing (but not reading).  I also think that, while I’m making an effort to post most days of the week, I will probably take a couple days off most weeks.  Which will probably amount to my taking weekends off– or a weekday and a weekend day.

Since I’ve last written– we are into a whole new week, and a whole new month!  Hope you’re all enjoying it!

More to come later this week about macaroni and cheese, my weekend (not much to say here honestly), car updates (she’s all better now! …better than I am, actually), and– of course– much more creativity.

Until then, Happy Fourth of July!! Be safe, enjoy the festivities, and take a minute to reflect and be thankful for this country we live in, no matter what side of the political fence you may be on or what current events you support or disagree with.

God Bless the USA!


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