Song #1.

So my first song to be covered is Cheek to Cheek.

Some life craziness and a potential stomach bug have been slowing my progress on my first song (thus pushing back the start of Song #2), but I’m not losing hope yet.

I know most of the words and melody now, so it’s more a matter of putting things together when my stomach stops hurting (if any singers are reading– am I being wimpy that I can never seem to sing properly with a stomachache?  If my “support” is compromised this way I just can’t seem to do it…).

So this is just a short post today… but I wanted to be sure to write– and also make sure that I’m not giving up before I even learn one song!

Hope everyone else is having a happy, healthy day!


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2 responses to “Song #1.

  1. I hope you get better soon, and (as a singer) no, you’re not being wimpy!

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