A Less-Creative List

I’m all about people searching for more creativity in their lives.  That said, I’ve written once before about wanting a little less creativity in some areas.

Things To Do Less Creatively #1:

This may become a list as I discover areas that people should become less creative.  Perhaps they can fill the void by reading my blog and finding inspiration to paint, dance, cook, or partake in some other more-acceptable creative endeavor.

Yesterday, a week-long stomach ache led me to visit my doctor, who sent me directly to the ER for tests (they found nothing, and my stomach seems to have improved, at least for today… it did wake me up again last night though with pain, so my relief feels tentative).

This brings me to Things To Do Less Creatively #2:


What have you seen (or experienced!) people doing that you wish they’d do a little less creatively?



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3 responses to “A Less-Creative List

  1. Things To Do Less Creatively #3
    Crossing the Street, especially in front of cars.

    I hope you get well soon! *hugs*

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