Garden Progress (in pictures)

Getting tall!

Tomato plant has gotten huge!

I have about 7 stakes on this plant now...

...and almost 20 yummy tomatoes growing.

The peppers are growing...

and growing...


And even the other pepper plant has finally blossomed. It's now growing 3 peppers, although only 2 of them are healthy.

Even my neighbor's impatiens are blossoming!

And the corn is now officially taller than me! (It's actually taller still since this picture, which was taken a couple of days ago).



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2 responses to “Garden Progress (in pictures)

  1. My plants have begun to wither from the heat I think and something has been snacking on my tomatos. This is a downright shame 😦 I have hot peppers though. In plenty

  2. Aww! Yay hot peppers at least! Poor tomatoes. Maybe some extra water can revive things?

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