Grilled Cheese and Rainy Days

Yesterday was supposed to be a productive day.  I’ve been trying to get organized and get things done, despite the minor setback of my stomach being in an uproar for a week or two now.  It’s mostly better and I actually spent a good part of Sunday and the large majority of yesterday feeling like my old self again.

So I got up in the morning ready to run errands, maybe do a little gardening (mostly digging up 2-3 weeds I’d let get out of hand), and a few things around the house.  Truthfully, I was up a bit too early, having gone to bed late and waking up early.

Breakfast and some bill-paying got done, and slowly but surely the day started to slip away.  Soon I was hungry for lunch, which was accompanied by TV.  Then it got cloudy out and as Mom and I discussed both of our ambitious plans for the day, I started to get a headache– the kind you get when you don’t sleep enough.  I decided to lay down for a short nap.  It was afternoon already, and cloudy… not the best time for gardening anyway, as even though the major heatwave here has broken, I wasn’t too keen on going out at the hottest part of the day.

I woke up feeling better.  Rain on the windows and my stomach again growling.  I walked out to the kitchen.  Mom and I found something good on TV and she began to make grilled cheese (I also had some leftover tomato soup from the day before).  Now, I’ve had grilled cheese on the brain as I’ve recently been able to eat it again– and also due to two of my closest friends’ recent discussion.  First, on Molecular Sheep’s blog, and then, The Friendly Foodie Girl’s follow-up post.   [By the way, I highly recommend checking these two out– especially regarding the pressing issue they brought up: Grilled Cheese vs. Panini!]

It was warm and comforting and perfect for the rainy day.  We watched some “How I Met Your Mother,” a new obsession of ours.  This was followed by “The Golden Girls,” a very old obsession of ours.  The rain had watered my plants so I felt no need to rush outside and as it was now evening, we eased into an unusual gift: a day in, in pjs, with yummy food, as the rain continued beyond our windows.

I was still a bit hungry and we toyed with the idea of splitting another grilled cheese.  I’ve never made one, but I had watched as Mom had made them… and with the butter still out and getting softer by the moment, I decided it was time!  So I made my first ever grilled cheese.  Which, although the bottom looked a bit more burnt than golden-brown, tasted just as perfect and melty and cheesy as it should have.  It is dangerous how easy that was to do.

I was planning on posting a picture, but honestly, the sandwich really wasn’t around long enough to photograph!


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