I may have mentioned once before that I worked as an A/V tech at my school for the past year and a half.  I may have also mentioned that I’m slightly old school.  These two things should probably not go together.  With me they do.

I love the latest technologies, but I do tend to hold on to the old.  I romanticize the vintage.  I very much want a record player, having always listened to and admired my grandparents’ records.  I wish I could remember what an 8-track was like, but it was slightly before my time.  Having found some old audio cassette tapes, and having a cassette player in my car, I’ve taken to driving around playing them.

Being addicted to the internet, I’ve shyed away from having the internet on my phone.  I don’t want to be glued to it or feel the need to constantly update.  I’ve been fighting it.  The fight is over now.  I’ve surrendered– and gotten a smartphone.

It’s not even fully charged yet, and I’ve already downloaded my first app.  I laughed to myself when Molecular Sheep and my old boss (who, when he heard I was getting a smartphone, replied to the news with the words, “Welcome to 2008”) said that their smartphones had “revolutionized their lives.”  I thought that was silly.  Nothing was going to change.  I was just going to be able to play scrabble on occasion with my friends and pass empty moments with Angry Birds and maybe get some directions on Google Maps when I got lost driving.  Maybe my email would be a bit more reliable as well.  The occasional facebook status that wouldn’t have to wait til I got home.  Nothing big.  But now, with my phone charging, I can feel myself eagerly awaiting its completion.  I can feel the excitement.  there is power in this little touch-screened object.  And I am surprised.  It sports a big calendar on one of my- count them- FIVE home screens.  This syncs with my google account as well.  I may be in love.  I’m wondering how long it will take before I give up my old-school datebook.  The one that I go looking for around every Christmas, because I can’t start the new year without it.  I can feel it losing importance.  I can feel the ease with which this one little device is actually going to change my life…

Who knew?


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