Unexpected Concert

So Wednesday was a pretty ordinary day.  I had my first meeting up at school about my research, about which I was excited, but mostly nervous.  I’ve felt very stagnant in my intellectual ideas.  Mostly because I’m probably the slightest bit still burnt out from undergrad, which ended just about 2 months ago.  But I do feel ready to take on a new project and look forward to the new adventure and learning.

The meeting went well and I stopped in to visit my friends at my now “old” job.  I wound up staying for quite a while, ate lunch there, and read some of a book that Molecular Sheep was carrying.  It was fun, but eventually it was time to leave as I had a couple more on-campus errands to do.

So I’m printing in the library, when my dad calls.  Mom’s birthday is next week and he informs me that Aretha Franklin, who mom and I love, is playing at the beach that night.  We scurry and wind up getting these amazing tickets for an amazing price.  VIP and the whole bit.  Since neither Mom and I drink, the VIPness was mostly lost on us, except for the free parking and– again, amazing seats.  But I digress.

It was an amazing show and whenever I go to a show lately, I remember how important it is for me, as a singer, to go to shows.  It really is inspiring and you learn something every time.  She did a whole little jazzy section, as well as a gospel section that felt like she was holding church up in there.  And really, she’s Aretha Franklin, who’s going to stop her?  I give her credit for being true to her roots and herself, and not caring about those who may be offended or put off by her beliefs.  Not to say that that’s always the way to go, but it’s refreshing to see someone who’s bold about it as it’s easy, as a Christian myself, to see how oftentimes, people of faith try to sugar coat their faith when speaking about it.  Or even more, to avoid the topic altogether, lest they spark a disagreement.  I’d rather disagree with someone personally.  Let’s disagree and discuss.  Let’s have a dialogue.  And in the same breath as she “held church” singing and shouting “Hallelujah!” she partied down and got the crowd dancing like mad with some old favorites and newly written pieces.  This is why the woman gets (and deserves) the R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  And this is why we love Aretha.  (In addition to her talent and amazing voice.  That woman is sixty-freakin-eight.  And her voice is just as strong and amazing as you could hope.  She really must take care of her instrument right).

So an amazing night was had– a perfect night for a concert with the beautiful sky and weather and a light breeze coming off the water in the outdoor theatre.  And a reminder that, even when you’re having a rough week or an ordinary day– anything can happen.  Anything.


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