Apologies for coming back to blogging more frequently only to leave this page alone for most of the week!! I had a big meeting on Wednesday in which I got to choose and hash out details of my upcoming research project!  Prep consisted of a lot of reading, so I had less time for writing.

But the creativity has been churning!!

In the midst of a busy week and intellectual-creative thinking, I’ve also had time to take in the little things– my corn almost ready for harvest (pictures by the weekend, I promise), planning for mom’s birthday tomorrow, spending time with my grandparents (which has been emotional in all aspects lately– another post to come about this as well.  It has been a time of both division and healing in my relationships with my family).  I’ve also gotten to spend time with my favorite boy.  We got to meet up twice a week this week for breakfast before he had to leave for work– which consisted of toast with butter and grape jelly outside while checking out my garden and watching the comings and goings of the bees and the ants and these tiny little parasol-like mushrooms that appear only in the mornings and wilt into the heat of the day.  I’ve been wanting to capture a picture of these, but have not been able to yet.  They are so delicate looking and it’s nice to sit outside in the morning, before the day is underway, and enjoy the sunshine and my garden and the little microcosm that is the world around us– all around and underneath our normal lives of work and school and stores and business.  So no matter what I do today, I had sunshine and scurrying ants and big hugs this morning.   It is simplicity and warmth at its finest and it feeds my soul.


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