Art, Education and Blogging

This was a pretty solid blogging week!  I got a few posts in, and had 15+ hits for five straight days (Sun-Thurs)!  It’s encouraging that someone(s) is reading– and maybe enjoying– my journey.

People start blogs for various reasons.  But we’re all really on a journey of sorts.  Some blog during a period of extended travel, some a venture of self-improvement, some want to learn a new skill.  I’d like to do all of these.  My journey, for all intents and purposes, is being a 25 year old female with a new, shiny Bachelor’s Degree.

I can honestly say I’ve had a very complete “school experience.”  As a high school student, I went to private school, public school and finally graduated online.  As a college student I commuted by both train and car, dormed, went to private and public universities, and had two different majors.  All through my many years of school– I made friends, played sports, worked hard, and joined a LOT of clubs.  I like learning new things.  In middle and high school, I played volleyball, basketball and was a cheerleader.  I sang in choir and the select singing group– and usually had a singing group going with my friends on the side.  I was on the step team, drama club, and choreography group.  I was in spelling bees.  And student government.  And yearbook committee.

I’ve always been a busy overachiever.  I like it that way.  But doing good in middle school and high school, so you can get into a good college and get scholarships, so you can do good in college… has brought me to this:  I’d like to get my Ph.D., but that’s on hold for the moment.  And I’ll probably be able to go where I want because I’ve been so conscientious.  But now is time to live.  So living is my journey.

So maybe this blog will find me travelling, I hope.  And it’ll definitely have me trying new things.  But mostly, it’ll have a lot of things that look pretty ordinary.  But maybe you’ll see them from a new point of view.

Why the sudden reflection and re-focusing?

Because a new school year is about to start– somewhat without me.  And my garden is half-empty and the corn is beginning to look brownish red as though it’s meeting its post-harvest demise.  And I’ve begun sketching as of yesterday in my ever-constant need to push myself and try new things.

There’s a lot to focus on and I’ll be writing more about it soon.  I’ll be tackling some heavier topics, too.  Nothing too controversial, but things I’m facing and have faced.  September always seems to bring a bit of depth with it.  I used to know a quote about how “artists play with the things they love.”  I can never find it anymore.  But art is often a reflection of this– sometimes it is a playing and an escape, but often the best art reflects something a bit deeper.  I think this depth is coming.  I’m looking forward to it.


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