Please don’t “eat” my tomatoes, Irene


So earlier this week, I went outside to pick a few more ripe tomatoes.  We seemed to have wound up with less than I expected, but the results were still delicious.  I’ve decided on trying a few tomato varieties next year.  I’ve actually been a little sad though, that the season is almost over and almost all my harvest had been, well, harvested.  This has showed by the lack of weeding I’ve accomplished lately, as I kind of stopped caring as it seemed impossible that a few small weeds would affect my almost-done plants.

And then, I saw something.  I think I’d mentioned that my cherry tomato plant had grown tall and strong lately, despite the fact that all the blossoms seem to have been clipped off– eaten, I assume, before they could produce fruit.  The picture above is what caught my eye– I have baby cherry toms!!

That said, I also noticed, yesterday, that one of the large branches I thought was the cherry tomato plant– is actually the regular tomato plant.  It’s still looking strong, growing, and flowering.  Might I have more tomatoes coming afterall?

But with this in mind, I’m a little more concerned about Hurricane Irene this weekend….


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