It’s not easy being green…

Although my last post talked about things-to-do-less-creatively again, research should be done creatively!  New ideas and brainstorming is the way to go!

My research is off to an exciting start.  This week was a three-meeting week.  Today was meeting #2; which held good news and bad news.

The good news?  Everybody likes me!
The bad news?  No one can afford to pay me…

So we’re back to the drawing board as my funds continue to dwindle.

In the meantime, the tomato plants are looking pretty good.  I spent some time with them tonight, cutting off what was dead, windblown, dried out, or droopy from the storm.  I also tried to prune off some of what didn’t seem to be flowering.  This was because there seems to be a lot of new growth actually… and I’m hoping that I can concentrate the plants’ energy so that I’ll have a few more tomatoes (and cherry tomatoes) before the weather turns cold.  I tried to re-stake a few things, but truthfully, this is pretty much in vain.  The tallest stakes I could find are now too short.  I’m thinking about going to see if I can get some tall wooden dowels at a home improvement store or something to use… although I’m also not sure if I have even a little available cash right now to do this.

I’m going to have to start thinking very creatively about my finances.


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