This week was a difficult one.  I suppose I’ve been down about a few things– normal life stresses, really.  Family.  Money.  A lack of using my talents and hobbies– and the feeling of unfulfillment that comes with that.  But combine a few of life’s normal stresses and suddenly you may find yourself in a terrible funk.

Today I was reminded (as I’ve been slowly reminded all week) that the biggest and best cure for such a funk is involvement!  A bad day can be wallowed in and cured by a bit of gardening, or a good nap, or a bowl of homemade mac-and-cheese.  Maybe pjs and a good book.  A really bad mood?  That requires company.  Sometimes it’s a good friend, or family member, or a friendly stranger.  Sometimes it’s just about getting out there.

Sometimes it’s about:
-holding the door for the person behind you just to hear the “thank you” (keep doing it– you’ll get one, I promise!).
-smiling at the person walking towards them, even if you don’t know them; usually people smile back!
-finding a way to help someone else.  Clean your closet and donate any old clothes that you don’t use or don’t fit.  Go volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Visit an elderly grandparent or family member.  Bake or cook something to bring the next time you go over someone’s house.

I’m not great at this.  At least not when left to my own devices.  It’s easy to be involved when you’re in school and it’s a matter of walking to another building or taking a shuttle or driving two minutes to the next event or meeting or friend’s room.  It’ll take effort now.  But it’s time for me to be me again! And people and involvement are an easy key to inspiration.  And inspiration is where creativity starts, after all.

I want to start singing again.  I miss it too much.



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7 responses to “Involved!

  1. When I’m depressed, I want to retreat into a hole and be left alone, but there always comes a point where I realize I actually gain energy by going out and being with people. It’s always a fast uphill from there. 🙂

    I’ve recently started learning to knit. I’m not actually making anything yet, but seeing the products of my labor in such a tangible form is pretty awesome!

    • I feel the exact same way. My tendency is always to hide, but that gets very lonely very fast– and doesn’t help anything!

      That’s exciting that you’ve been learning to knit! So cool!! I always find crafts like that really calming too– in addition to the neat reward of actually MAKING something! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it weird to come across a site that is actually ‘speaking’ to you. I came across your site from the delicious looking Apple Challah recipe site and would you know, that my week (this week) has also been difficult. From enduring passive aggression from my son to my training manager deciding to up and leave his job just after two months, to an argument with an employee and a misunderstanding from a potential client. On top of that, I awoke this morning to a crazy headache. And it is just a few hours ago I was pondering on what the hell was going on?Why am I attracting all this negativity. Just as you say, I’m also not too great at this sort of thing other than hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I hope I can tell myself that ‘this is another day.’ A friend has given me something to review which I said I would do over the weekend, I told myself I will do it as I really don’t want to retreat into myself. Thanks for enabling me to take a deep breath.

    • You’re so welcome– your comment made my night, honestly. I hope your weekend improves and you find the inspiration and peace you need. Personally, I’ve always found some of the craziest times always come before some of the best– something I’m holding on to right now as well. Thank God for WordPress and it’s ability to help two strangers bring a little hope to one another.

  3. Well, I’m feeling a little better. I got up early and did my Morning Pages (journaling) exercised on my bike and had a large breakfast. But yes you are right about WordPress. Articulating the way I feel and think by use of the word is definitely cathartic. When nowadays conversation between people has become so ‘abbreviated’ (if that makes any sense) and curt, that it is only a place (or a space) such as WordPress blog where you can take your time to savour every word you read or every word you write.

  4. That’s right it is The Artist’s Way. I find it difficult to stick to as it a 12 week/3 month course and cannot always do everyday. When I bought it, I didn’t waste any time in starting: every morning for 5 weeks I did as much as I could (I didnt bother too much with the artist’s diary although I understand the benefits of this) but there was an improvement, then all sorts of domestic problems got in the way, so I wasn’t able to finish it. I now keep promising myself that I will complete the whole thing instead of doing it on and off!

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