End-of-September Update

Life has gotten eventful, leaving me more and more opportunities to live and less and less opportunity to write about it– which is ok with me. I’m thinking that this blog will, at least for the time being, be a less frequently updated one. I truly need to focus on applying to grad school and living my life. Perhaps I will begin a weekly update, just to keep up. I will, however, have to forego my delusions of grandeur that came with the higher and higher traffic on here.

The job search continues. I still have the idea that I can be semi-picky about what I want to do. I have enough money that should last through the end of October without a terrible amount of sacrifice and just some general care to be taken. I’m excited and glad about this. It gives me about 2-3 weeks to find a job. That’s not a lot of time, but I’m not being that picky and I just need any income, not something that fabulous, so it’s not like I need something competitive or high-income. The stores are also setting up for the Christmas season, so I’m hoping I can at least score some “holiday help” type of position.

The last of my tomatoes are growing. The corn is dead and brown and ready to be cut down.

I’ve been organizing and sorting and purging. I’m considering a garage sale now– I could use any extra cash.

I have new shelves up in my room, and a whole wall that is now blank for me to play with. I’m looking forward to adding more color and fabric and “light” to the space– not actual lighting, but something to counteract the thick black lines that are my furniture.

I eat carrots now almost every day. I splurged at the store today (probably only really about $10-15) on the ingredients to make carrot cake. Last winter was the “festival of maize,” and summer the “summer of cheese.” Well, this will be my carrot celebration– homemade carrot cake with creamcheese frosting. My eczema has also healed up (thanks to my allergist’s suggestion of a medicine) and I can now knead my dough, so I also bought the ingredients to make the italian bread I’d wanted so much to make. Next week I’ll be trying chicken. I already have my eye on a bunch of soup recipes that use chicken broth. I’m truly excited.

Til next time,
Your catepillar in bloom


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