Or I should, perhaps say “Wiiiiiii!!”  One of the exciting things this Christmas was my boyfriend bought me a Wii.  My dad bought me the Wii Fit plus pack.  I’ve been doing different activities every couple of days, but today was really the most fun.  For one thing, for the first several days I was accidentally using the balance board backwards.  This caused some issues as I was constantly leaning the wrong way– and getting hit in the head with hula hoops, falling off ice bergs, etc.  And my coordination appeared to be terribly off, giving me (age 25) a Wii Fit age of 46.  Today, balance board spun to the correct position, I was very happily proclaimed 20 years old and far more coordinated.  Yay!  And I tackled the Basic Run, a few strength training exercises and a little yoga.  I got a yoga mat for Christmas too– my goal is to get a little more familiar and coordinated via Wii and then try to go take a few real classes.  I had taken one last May and had loved it.  Eventually, I’d love to try hot yoga, but I’m going with the baby steps approach.

Exercise always makes me feel strong and like I want to dance.  And I could use the stress relief lately too– grad school applications and sick grandparents has been most of my past two months.  So a little movement– and fun– is a welcome relief.




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2 responses to “Wheeeeee!!!

  1. i just read this! I am making air quotes… you know why! I LOVE YOU! 🙂

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