Big things shouldn’t be easy.

But I guess sometimes they are.  This is a little disconcerting to me, though…

I’ve heard people say that marriage/relationships should be easy– it’s just about falling in love and that should be simple, right?  I’ve never believed this way.  I don’t think it should be hard to BE married.  But it does take work to set that up– there are so many conversations to have and decisions to make.  That’s work.  But the work is worth it.

School.  Mostly not easy.  Time consuming in the least.  Tests.  Papers.  All nighters.

But what about when big things ARE easy?

I find that disconcerting.

My last grad school application– looks kinda easy.  Ok, it’s the last one.  I have practice.  And most of my materials are prepared.  But I still think this may make it the scariest one yet.

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