Among the many things I’m allergic to are sesame seeds.  Now, most breads (even those that don’t have sesame on the top) still include sesame in their ingredients.  I was eating a delicious store-bought whole wheat potato bread when the next time we bought it, it had sesame!  I was SO very disappointed.  And haven’t been able to find a bread to eat since.

For Valentine’s Day, my boy bought me a huge bread cookbook.  It’s amazing! It has so many different recipes.  And I have picked it up several times, often with the intent of baking.  I even went to the store and bought a new all purpose flour, a self-rising flour, and some packs of yeast.  But something always came up.  Either I ran out of time, or I got overwhelmed at such a new experience, knowing that if I did it wrong, my bread wouldn’t come out well.

Well, I still plan to make my own bread with my own hands.  But in the meantime, I realized that with grad school starting, I’m going to want bread and I’m not going to always have time to punch and knead and mix.  Enter: The Bread Machine.

The Bread Machine!

With all the ingredients mixed and poured in the pan super-quickly, we’re ready to make bread.  Watching the bread maker was often a nervous experience for me.  What if my yeast wasn’t good?  What if something went wrong?  But it was also magical– as cooking often is.  Pour in the ingredients.  Wait a few hours.  And Poof!  Deliciousness!

Little Dough

You can barely see it through the reflection in the glass, but to the right is the little ball of dough!  And below is the third rise– it takes three hours to make this loaf– so we were counting down at this point!  Over half done!

Almost ready to bake!  3rd rise.  Time Check!

And here we’re baking!  Half-way through the hour bake cycle.

Bread a-bakin'! Image

Image All done!!

And for lunch the next day…!



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