Cognitively Brunette?

I had an amazingly long, amazing day.  We’re talking about 9:30-5:30 with a 15 minute break to heat up my lunch.  And despite some yawning and not really getting a chance to pee… I loved it.  I continue to feel good about this semester.  There is the occasional concern, though.  How thin is too thin (to spread myself)? The priority of keeping a reasonable schedule vs. acquiring an unreasonable amount of background and knowledge– especially since I am “out of my area”– a linguist in a psych program.  I knew from the start I’d have lots of work and would be at a (slight) deficit.  I am starting to think my LONG Tuesdays are going to help fill that, though, which will be worth it.  Hopefully, soon I’ll have the vocabulary I need to talk about this topic.  

Tonight?  I went home with a song in my head.  And the scene from Legally Blonde when she goes out and buys her computer and starts studying her butt off.  (Can they kick you out of grad school for admitting you’ve seen/like Legally Blonde?)  Now, I didn’t exactly show up to class with a fluffy pen and pink pad…. but that’s exactly how I feel tonight.  Ok.  Now back to reading! 


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