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This may be my last blog… or not.

This page isn’t very active anymore.  In my head, I keep intending on doing something about that.  I am still cooking and creating, and living life as creatively as I can imagine.  Summer brought dance classes, my first silks class, rock climbing.  I have not gardened in two summers.  I miss it.  But I did get a crock pot and made delicious chicken stew.

I began blogging to find a community.  I wanted to have conversations.  And I did find one, of sorts.  A few of you out there who I have connected with, and the occasional exchange of comments, discussion, encouragement.  I am thankful and will continue to return to read– and write the occasional post.

What I found, however, is that I already had a community.  And as my blog has waned, my private social networking life has flourished.  There is real exchange of ideas happening.  Real thought.  Thinking more critically.  Making a point and backing it up.  I beam that I know these awesome people and get to bear witness to their thoughts.  I flatter myself that, at least in creating a venue, of sorts, and supplying a topic… I have facilitated this.  It’s a new role I feel like I’m trying out in my life on a larger scale.  Facilitator.  I am wondering if what I am doing in my private, online life… is what I’m doing in the classroom with my students.  I am wondering if this is some inherent, latent part of myself– why I chose this career path to begin with– because on some level, this is what I do.  This is my strength… I’m not sure if that’s true.  In class, I lecture a lot.  I have to.  And I love to.  But while I hated being broken into groups when I was a student (still do)… I do this a LOT in my class.  I want to hear their ideas.  Want them to talk to each other. I asked them each what their goals and concerns were for the class. I want them to view this as a personal journey, not just a required class.  It’s a writing class, in part, so I suppose I have that luxury.  Neuroscience might be harder to sell that way.  I suppose I shall have to wait and see.

So this is an explanation, with a little update and no promises.  I’ll write here from time to time… but the happy ending is that sometimes the thing you went looking for is the thing you already had.  So I’m clicking my heels three times, and away I go… at least for now.


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