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Reality Blog?

MTV True Life was filming at my church service this weekend.  And it got me thinking– I used to think my life would make good tv, or at least decent tv, which is most of the tv out there now.  That’s not really true anymore.  My life has slowed down some, or at least become semi-normal.

Which gets me to my point… my life is more blog-paced.  Like reality tv, just… slower.  And mostly in print.


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April 16, 2012 · 11:48 pm

Prodigal Daughter

Sometime after writing my last post here, things got busy.  Life appeared to be changing rapidly.  Much has occurred in the past few months.  In some ways, it’s probably safe to say I’m a different person.

Shortly after my last post, I thought perhaps blogging was “getting in the way.”  I was feeling pressure to post.  To keep up my stats.  Even to achieve– to become “freshly pressed.”  That was not why I started blogging.  I thought maybe I was done.

And now, I realize that maybe it’s time to talk a bit.  To share some of the huge, life-altering things that have been going on.  And to get creative again.  I’ve had music on my mind and no outlet for it to run wild.  I’ve found myself dancing lately, just around the house.  Maybe I was trying to escape it all for a while– by escaping the blog– escaping the responsibility of creating, of exploring these things.  Maybe I even thought it was silly– that I could explore on my own, and maybe my exploration was waning.  My dance class long over, my garden harvested.  But perhaps that was just the beginning.  So at least for now, I’m back.  A creative prodigal daughter.

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