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Reality Blog?

MTV True Life was filming at my church service this weekend.  And it got me thinking– I used to think my life would make good tv, or at least decent tv, which is most of the tv out there now.  That’s not really true anymore.  My life has slowed down some, or at least become semi-normal.

Which gets me to my point… my life is more blog-paced.  Like reality tv, just… slower.  And mostly in print.


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April 16, 2012 · 11:48 pm

Prodigal Daughter

Sometime after writing my last post here, things got busy.  Life appeared to be changing rapidly.  Much has occurred in the past few months.  In some ways, it’s probably safe to say I’m a different person.

Shortly after my last post, I thought perhaps blogging was “getting in the way.”  I was feeling pressure to post.  To keep up my stats.  Even to achieve– to become “freshly pressed.”  That was not why I started blogging.  I thought maybe I was done.

And now, I realize that maybe it’s time to talk a bit.  To share some of the huge, life-altering things that have been going on.  And to get creative again.  I’ve had music on my mind and no outlet for it to run wild.  I’ve found myself dancing lately, just around the house.  Maybe I was trying to escape it all for a while– by escaping the blog– escaping the responsibility of creating, of exploring these things.  Maybe I even thought it was silly– that I could explore on my own, and maybe my exploration was waning.  My dance class long over, my garden harvested.  But perhaps that was just the beginning.  So at least for now, I’m back.  A creative prodigal daughter.

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Gardening and Gratitude

So somehow, yesterday, I reached 30 reads- a new daily record for me!  That also put me up to 80+ reads for the week– a new weekly record!  I take that as encouragement that my little blog community is growing, and I’m excited!

Here’s what else is growing– my garden!

The cherry tomatoes are beginning to flower too.  I’ll be getting stakes this weekend, hopefully.  Although, I must say, I think if I were to start over, it may have been easier to cage them perhaps… not sure really.

Not only has there been new growth, but my neighbors found this great little fence bit that someone was throwing away.  I came home to it surrounding my garden and protecting it from animals and stray soccer balls!


They even weeded the little bits on the ends I never got to and planted some impatiens at the end by our door.

My mom mentioned to my grandmother (Dad’s mom) that I’ve been gardening.  Grandma is originally from the Midwest and grew up on a farm.  She said that the way to tell a healthy corn plant is if it’s “knee high by the Fourth of July.”  My corn is somewhere between mid-thigh and my hip joint.  Being only 5’1″, I assume this is at least knee high for most people…  Yay for healthy corn!  It’s leaning a bit, but this weekend when I work on tomatoes, I’m also going to “hill” the soil at the base.  I’ve read this helps and is better for corn than staking- which is sometimes done, although perhaps a bit untraditional.

Last but not least, I have returned to practicing piano as of yesterday.  I didn’t even like practicing like that when I was taking lessons (back when I was a music major).  That said, I’ve returned to some of the basic finger exercises as a start.

In the words of Ray from the movie Uptown Girls, “fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.”

p.s. This, apparently, is really a quote from ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov– which I found out when I googled the quote– interesting!  And also makes a lot more sense, as Ray is all about ballet in the movie.

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