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Goodnight, Irene…

So hurricane prep will have me at the store today and packing up some things as Mom and I will be staying with my grandparents– just in case phone lines go out, we want to make sure they’re ok.

I’ll also be taking the advice of the page linked here to “prepare” my garden: Preparing Garden for Hurricane! : Harvest!

Although there’s nothing I can do for those baby Cherry toms.  I only hope that the storm changes direction and passes on through so they’ll be ok (and the rest of us!)

*Oh, and the post title comes from the Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter) song.


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Please don’t “eat” my tomatoes, Irene


So earlier this week, I went outside to pick a few more ripe tomatoes.  We seemed to have wound up with less than I expected, but the results were still delicious.  I’ve decided on trying a few tomato varieties next year.  I’ve actually been a little sad though, that the season is almost over and almost all my harvest had been, well, harvested.  This has showed by the lack of weeding I’ve accomplished lately, as I kind of stopped caring as it seemed impossible that a few small weeds would affect my almost-done plants.

And then, I saw something.  I think I’d mentioned that my cherry tomato plant had grown tall and strong lately, despite the fact that all the blossoms seem to have been clipped off– eaten, I assume, before they could produce fruit.  The picture above is what caught my eye– I have baby cherry toms!!

That said, I also noticed, yesterday, that one of the large branches I thought was the cherry tomato plant– is actually the regular tomato plant.  It’s still looking strong, growing, and flowering.  Might I have more tomatoes coming afterall?

But with this in mind, I’m a little more concerned about Hurricane Irene this weekend….

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