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Tendu, Tomato; Plie, Pepper.

Ballet and gardening have been my creative mainstays this summer.  They have both allowed me the opportunity to throw myself into something and physically DO something.  As oppose to writing, reading, or singing, which– while great– are rather stationery affairs.  It’s a real change in your state of mind when you start moving.  My first voice teacher in college used to make me do a lot of movement work and warm up while moving my arms or walking around for this very reason.  I’ve never lost the lesson or the awareness of what that movement does, although I don’t think I could put it into words.  It’s definitely a mental shift though.

That said, Here’s my veggie patch as of yesterday.  Clearly, I’ve missed the opportunity for baby-plant pics and will have to settle for pics of their “toddler phase.”


My tomato plant already has a flower!

Ballet has been going well also.  We did a bunch of jumps yesterday (I’m still getting aquainted with the terminology of these– dance people please forgive me for not giving more names).  I’m beginning to really like the tendu and warm up sequences though.  I’m learning to stretch deeper and support my weight better.  Yay balance, coordination and strength! I’m noticing a difference in my post-class posture as well.  (Although, I’m sure I start to shrink down again on the long rides home).  I’m thinking of starting yoga when I finish ballet.  I only have 5 more classes– 2.5 weeks.  That said, the linguist in me is also having a field day with all this French– like the fact that there’s a move called “fondu” which I never knew literally means “to melt.”  Between my love of food, language and the artistic imagery here, there’s really nothing about this move not to like.

The last couple of classes have also had a wide range of music incorporated into them, which has been cool.  To begin with, this was to give us new perspective, as we’d been dancing solely to classical music.  Today, it was the result of our professor forgetting her regular cds at home.  So we’ve been dancing to everything from Sinatra to The Beatles to The Andrews Sisters.  Which, I must say, has been really great.

We’ve also been learning a 32 bar adagio phrase (danced most recently to Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”) and began a 16 bar allegro phrase (to “Maple Leaf Rag”).  Our teacher choreographed the first 8 bars of the allegro so far.  I’m having a tough time with the beginning but I really like the second half.  This part consists of 4 “pas de chat” jumps.  This literally translates to “step of the cat.”  It’s basically a sideways leap, reminiscent of a cat (we do this in 5th position, which I think makes it a bit more interesting too.  For non-dancers, this would be something like this:  with legs turned out and the toes of one foot touching the heel of the other).  This is then followed by 4 jumps in place which change feet.  I don’t remember what jump the piece starts on, but I’m having trouble coordinating it.  It’s supposed to be that you’re jumping from one foot to the other, but with one foot brushing the floor at the start.  I can’t seem to get this to work as quickly as it needs to.  I suppose it will come.  Right now, I’m more trying to focus on form.  Part of my reason for taking this class is about the form and the discipline, so I suppose it’s more important to me right now to make sure my toes are pointed when off the ground and that I’m completing the step correctly than being up to tempo.  Again, up to tempo will come.

Perhaps this is my lesson this week: Don’t rush things.  You’ll be up to tempo soon enough.  🙂


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So just a quick post before I head off to bed.

I went back to dance class today after taking last week off due to my car mishap and some queasy stomach issues (I think due to last week’s heat wave).  The class actually went well as, in my teacher’s words, we worked on a lot of adagio or slow movements.  I think she’s going up-tempo for Thursday but I’ll worry about it when it comes.

We also worked on some floor/partnering work.  Mostly just walking across the floor (in very grand and stylized fashion!).  For the most part, my partner Joe and I did a very nice job of staying in step with one another.  Considering he is a football player and about a head and a half taller than me, I was impressed.  I definitely figured his steps would be about double mine, but I must say we looked very ballet like and I was proud.  We got a little messy towards the end, but I must say I overworked my muscles a bit today and our teacher pushed us a little harder which had my muscles feeling a bit weaker at the end and resulted in worse balance and coordination for me as class ended.  After class, my hip started hurting right in the front of the socket.  I think I just pulled something.  Hopefully a good night’s sleep will take care of it.

After school, I stopped by the supermarket to FINALLY pick up my red pepper plants.  I’m something of a red pepper fanatic.  It took some searching as I’d originally seen the plants almost 2 weeks ago now, but I found two that looked sincere so I brought them home.  Although it started to drizzle as soon as I went outside, I got them in the ground and hopefully they grow just as nicely as everything else is.

I still want a nice, sunny day so I can take some pics to post here.  Although when I came home to plant the peppers, I noticed that the weeds are just starting to show their ugly heads so I’ll probably try to weed before I post.  I really do throw myself into whatever I pursue though– mom, who sleeps in the next room, mentioned that I was talking in my sleep saying “plants, the plants…”  I remember this actually, and that I was trying to say something important although I have no idea what.

Dad also came over to help me dig a hole for my blueberry plant!  Although I’m concerned because I now have a big hole and now that I’ve opened the plant, it’s rather small… But while he was over I joked that I’m so happy about how nicely everything’s growing.  The corn has really grown already and I said I wished I’d made a height chart for them like they were kids to mark how they’ve grown.  When I mentioned wanting pictures for my blog here, I said that I felt bad that they’ve already grown and I’ve missed their “baby phase.”  I may be a bit obsessed :-p

Spent the rest of the night hanging with mom and watching “Storage Wars” on tv.  Definitely a good night.  Time for bed.

Happy dancing, gardening, writing, and creating to all those reading.  But don’t forget to sleep 🙂


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So in my last post, I described how I went to go buy plants with my friend, molecular sheep.  This is my first real foray into gardening.

I had, as a child, tried to plant things (like apple seeds from apples I’d eaten) into a dry little patch of dirt on the side of my grandparent’s house.  Nothing grew there, except for weeds, although I’m pretty sure I still referred to it, at least in my mind, as my garden.

I’ve never been much of a nature girl.  (I did go through an extreme science-y phase around 3rd-5th grade during which I’d go look for worms or slugs/snails in the backyard– but since this, I’ll go out of my way to avoid a bug, even refusing to eat outside at times when I was in middle school).  That said, Mom isn’t sure where this is coming from– my Italian roots, ie, her side (my grandparents always had tomato plants and herbs growing in the backyard) or my dad’s mother, who grew up on a Michigan farm.

In any case, when I got home, I planted the corn and tomatoes in the patch I’d weeded the day before.  I couldn’t lift the huge bag of peat moss I’d bought (thanks to molecular sheep for carrying it for me into my car!), so I took a 16oz plastic cup and started making trips from my car to the patch of soil and back and forth.  Realizing this would take forever– as the package suggested covering the soil with a 2-inch layer of peat moss before working it in– I remembered I had shallow amazon.com box left over after dad’s birthday gift came.  I filled the box a few times to transport the peat moss and this worked much better.

After I had a nice layer on top, I worked it into the soil, breaking up the soil as far down as I could reach (about the recommended 6″) and mixed and raked until I had a nice even color.  I wet it a bit and then planted.  First, the corn, then the tomatoes.  The little flat of corn turned out to have four small plants which I planted in a square.  Then I put the tomatoes next to them (although I’ve since read this was a bad idea– but truthfully, it’s a very small patch and I’m not sure an extra foot and intervening peppers would really make much difference).  I watered them nicely and made sure to water them yesterday carefully again– especially with this scorching 90+ degree heat we’ve been having!

They look mostly happy.  Dad’s coming over this weekend to help me plant the blueberries (when the weather cools down again out of the 90s).  I still need to buy the red pepper plants.  Hopefully this weekend, if not, then Tuesday.

I think this must be what it feels like to be a new parent.  I worry about how much water they’re getting.  And if they might get too much sun.  Today I went out to water and found that two of my corn plants have a bit of red on the stems near the bottom.  I’ve googled this and all I’ve come up with is a potential sulfur deficiency– which I am now trying to figure out how to solve.  I am far more invested in these plants than I even expected, I think.

I think I really like gardening, though.  I hope something grows this time around since my appleseed days…


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