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Fried Green Tomatoes


When I was growing up, one of Mom’s favorite movies (somewhat a family favorite) was Fried Green Tomatoes.  I was a tomato fanatic even then, and the possibility of eating the things in the green state fascinated me.  I hardly thought it was really possible.

Now that I’m growing my own, the thought crossed my mind a few times.  What do they taste like?  How do you make fried green tomatoes?  Is it worth picking some early?

And then a potentially fortuitous thing happened.  While pruning some of the tomato plants the other day, I pruned a bit too close to two large tomatoes.  So close that the stem began to shred right there and the tomatoes’ weight began to strip the stalk.  They were still in my hand, but I could see they were headed for the ground.  So instead of letting nature take its course, I picked them.  And there they sit on my counter to get just a little tiny bit riper before I see what I can do with them.

In the meantime, I found an interesting page at Allrecipes.com.  The page gives not only a recipe for how to fry the tomatoes, but also a whole slew of interesting things one can do with tomatoes at this stage!  I’m very excited… and can’t wait to try this!



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Grilled Cheese Take 2



White American cheese with Compari tomatoes on whole wheat potato bread. Yum! This time it lasted long enough for a picture, but not much longer!

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College Girl Cooking

I love reading other people’s blogs (another good reason to comment/like me if you read!).  I also love sharing the best blogs that I find– particularly other creative beings.  I’ve found that I really love food blogs!! Although, I’d love to see more gardening, crafting, dancing, singing, and of course, writing blogs.  And others.  So link me to your blog or say hi so I can come check you out!

That said, I found this girl’s blog and hit subscribe almost immediately. So I’d like to share with you a food blog I found by a girl named Jamie.  Her tone is energetic and her words both yummy and inspiring!!

And how can I not love a girl who describes her love of breakfast by saying, and I quote, “most breakfast foods are just dessert incognito”…?

So meet Jamie of College Girl Cooking!

Happy eating!

Update: Jamie is also responsible for the deliciousness that was the Shortcake featured in my post here!


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Food for the Soul

So on second look the next morning, my car, Violet, looked much worse than I first thought.  I woke up with neck pain on both sides of my neck and a general achy feeling in my body, spine, and joints.  Violet not only had scuffs and scratches, but a missing front license plate, a dislodged headlight, and a front panel that is hanging down on one side.


Driving by the scene of the accident, Mom thankfully spotted my license plate in the street.  But this whole thing had still put me in quite a funk.  Which lasted all day yesterday, through the night and into this morning.  It was abated a bit by Mom making nachos– the first “real” nachos I’ve ever had– ie, made with real corn chips.  They were incredible and the best I’ve ever had.  With cheddar cheese and topped with kidney beans, this, and some “How I Met Your Mother” helped cheer me, at least for a bit.

But today the feeling just wouldn’t shake.  So when I finally stopped whimpering and got out of bed (for the second time), I decided to make some food so I could take some Advil.  This turned into tomato soup doctored up with garlic powder and chopped potato with a roll on the side.  So tasty!  But I wasn’t done yet.

Last week, I’d found a recipe for Cheddar Broccoli Corn Bake. I was actually on my way to pick up more broccoli when my car got hit.  So I decided to make this today.


And, for dessert,  Blueberry Shortcake (more about where this recipe came from soon– although you can follow the link for the recipe that inspired it– Mom and I are both allergic to Strawberries, so I substituted).

The results were yummy.  And, somewhere between the cooking, baking, and eating, my sadness was transformed into calm again.   Not unlike how the cheese, milk, butter, and flour transformed into a delicious cheese sauce.


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Baking instead of baking?

Happy First Day of Summer!

I’m a sucker for a good recipe.  Really.  And I like things that don’t take a lot of work (although I have a list of multi-step and difficult technique recipes I’m dying to try).  I like things that don’t take work because it means I’ll try them sooner.  Thus why the difficult list is so long…

I came across this today, for those who think it is too hot to bake!

No-Bake Cookie recipe! (you might have to scroll down, the recipe is down the page a bit)

Now, clearly, I’d go for leaving out the (optional) nuts.  And while the recipe calls for peanut butter, I’m sure the peanut allergic (like me) can use a substitute like Sunbutter or Soynut butter.  There’s also a comment on the recipe about a similar no-bake cookie recipe that does not include peanut butter!

Now, I can’t review the recipe, because I haven’t tried it.  But I couldn’t help but think this is incredibly creative and therefore I had to share.  Do you have a great no-bake, easy, or go-to recipe (maybe for a hot summer night– or afternoon)?  I’d love to hear.

(I have a great Microwave Chocolate Cake recipe… I’ll think about sharing it 😉  I really don’t mind sharing recipes actually, so it’s more about me remembering! 🙂

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A twist on the traditional Taco Pie!

Yesterday turned into a rainy-day picnic for me and molecularsheep.  Some packed goodies (crackers, a roll, some champagne– ok, it was really sparkling cider) plus a target run to get some more goodies (a variety of cheeses, a second kind of cracker, squeezable applesauce) turned into a feast on his front lawn as we hid from the constant mist of rain under a huge pine tree.

I went home to eat again (which was a mistake–eyes totally bigger than stomach here).  Mom had made pasta with meat the way we love it– then added honey as a topper and, somehow, it was made even better as the sweet honey combined with the spices of the sauciness underneath.

Today, I am thinking about food (as I still have a cheese in the fridge to taste for the first time)… Which naturally brings me to my best friend’s food blog!

The Friendly Foodie Girl‘s most recent post is actually about one of my mom’s recipes and her awesome spin on it (which I hope to try!)!

But she’s good all on her own, so don’t think I’m blogging bout her just because she used my mom as inspiration!  My childhood friend has grown up to be renowned amongst all her friends and family for being an AMAZING cook.  I suggest checking out– and trying out– as many of her recipes as you can!

In her words (and linking again, because, I mean it!), “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!”

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